Recently, we were awarded our first FRP Package for Bild Group – and we were absolutely delighted. Why? Because we were given the chance to work with their incredible team.

The project had a scope of 12 weeks and involved FRP of:
– Two abutment
– Two pier groups
– Installation and propping of pre-cast beams
– Concrete deck and slab placement

The impact of this work was quite significant, too. Slate Quarry Road became a major thoroughfare between the Midland Highway and Geelong-Ballan Road, with around 25 heavy trucks estimated to be using the new bridge every day – saving around 20 kilometres in travel!

As you can see, the list was long and the impact of the build was massive, but it would have never been achieved at the level it was without Bild Group. Together, planning was meticulous and teamwork was at an all-time high, resulting in a successful completion.

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