D Form Civil were engaged by Multiworks to complete the formwork package of the 220kV Cable Culvert at the Richmond Terminal Station Upgrade project. Being our first contract works within the live electrical substation sector, this project was key to prove the capabilities of our teams within these High-Risk work environments. The first package included forming approx. 50lm of 2m high walls which would eventually house connecting 220kV Cables from the GIS Building to a Transformer.

Upon successful completion of the 220kV Culvert, D Form Civil were then engaged to form the basement walls, columns, and suspended slab for the 66kV GIS Building within the station. The building was on the critical path for the client, and as such the works needed to be well planned to ensure that the timeframes were met. Through consultation with the client, the methodology was revised which allowed 75lm of 3.2m high walls to be formed and poured within 5 days. This allowed the remaining works to be completed ahead of schedule.

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