Slate Quarry Road

Recently, we were awarded our first FRP Package for Bild Group – and we were absolutely delighted. Why? Because we were given the chance to work with their incredible team.

The project had a scope of 12 weeks and involved FRP of:
– Two abutment
– Two pier groups
– Installation and propping of pre-cast beams
– Concrete deck and slab placement

The impact of this work was quite significant, too. Slate Quarry Road became a major thoroughfare between the Midland Highway and Geelong-Ballan Road, with around 25 heavy trucks estimated to be using the new bridge every day – saving around 20 kilometres in travel!

As you can see, the list was long and the impact of the build was massive, but it would have never been achieved at the level it was without Bild Group. Together, planning was meticulous and teamwork was at an all-time high, resulting in a successful completion.

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Victorian Big Battery

This project is one we have proudly completed for the Victorian Big Battery (VBB) 220kV/33kV Connection Substation. VBB is a 300MW Grid-Scale Battery Storage, which is a key part of the Victorian clean energy transition.

We recently completed the full Civil and Structural package for our very valued client Downer, which included:

– Bulk earthworks
– Conduits and drainage
– In-ground oily water storage tank
– Structural foundations
– Fencing
– New bay of foundations in existing terminal station

There were a couple of challenges that our team faced, namely unseasonable weather that caused delays at project commencement and Intricate coordination with other key contractors.

With challenges came some massive highlights. One team approach harnessed by D Form Civil and Downer allowing the project to be delivered successfully on time. We also had zero MTIs or LTIs, and the finish was of the highest quality.


Final Stage

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Moggs Creek Bridge Replacement

D form Civil were engaged in a bridge replacement on the Great Ocean Road at Moggs Creek by our client, Maca Infrastructure. The new bridge project for the famous costal road is to ensure the road remains safe and accessible.

Our team were commissioned to complete the scope of full formwork, Reo and Pour Package (FRP) of the new bridge structure. The delivery of this project evolved into additional works, D Form Civil performed the completion of drainage pits, kerb, channel, and bridge façade including an ocean-side pedestrian pathway to improve safety for all users.

Extra care and consideration had been taking into the planning process and systems were continually reviewed throughout the stages of these works due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The safety of all site personnel and the wider local community were at the forefront of the decision-making processes.

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Berrybank Windfarm Substation (Oil Spill Tank)

D Form Civil were awarded a package of works at the new Berrybank Substation which connects the energy generated from the Berrybank Windfarm into the state grid.

Initially engaged to a full package delivery of an Oil Spill Tank (including excavation, FRP and backfill), our scope was extended to complete the drainage lines between the transformers to the tank. Having completed these works safely, successfully and within the required timeframe, D Form Civil were awarded further works which retained our team on site for a further 8 months. 

The key success factor behind this project was precise planning and coordination. The sharp timeframe on completion and the rural geographical location posed some challenges on sourcing local materials and resources. Strong winds were also often a daily challenge for both manual handling and cranage operations. 

Our team exhibited strong co-operation with the client and other contractors on site when delivering the project.

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Bell St Substation Upgrade

D From Civil engaged in the level crossing removal and construction of the new substation upgrade for, Global Rail. This project was vital for delivering new community open spaces and safer local connections. This upgrade also facilitates more trains being able to run, catering for future growth.

Rail Substations are an integral part of Melbourne’s train network; they house electrical equipment that converts high-voltage alternating current power supply to direct current power to operate trains, signals and communications equipment. On delivering this large-scale rail project (NEPA), D Form where commissioned to deliver the full FRP package and conduit install.

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Richmond Terminal Station

D Form Civil were engaged by Multiworks to complete the formwork package of the 220kV Cable Culvert at the Richmond Terminal Station Upgrade project. Being our first contract works within the live electrical substation sector, this project was key to prove the capabilities of our teams within these High-Risk work environments. The first package included forming approx. 50lm of 2m high walls which would eventually house connecting 220kV Cables from the GIS Building to a Transformer.

Upon successful completion of the 220kV Culvert, D Form Civil were then engaged to form the basement walls, columns, and suspended slab for the 66kV GIS Building within the station. The building was on the critical path for the client, and as such the works needed to be well planned to ensure that the timeframes were met. Through consultation with the client, the methodology was revised which allowed 75lm of 3.2m high walls to be formed and poured within 5 days. This allowed the remaining works to be completed ahead of schedule.

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Altona Beach Walls, Ramp & Footpath

D From Civil were awarded the structures package to the Altona Foreshore Upgrade by our client Maca Infrastructure. The project was aimed at protecting the foreshore from the damaging effects of climate change, whilst also providing improved accessibility to Altona beach for the local community.

The package included a new pedestrian ramp, vehicle ramp and sea walls, all being constructed whilst a temporary dam had been to retain the water from the bay. Given the location of the works, numerous risks were involved, and challenges were faced. However, meticulous planning and collaboration with the client allowed these to be completed safely and successfully.

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Pacific Highway Upgrade

The Pacific Highway upgrade is Australia’s largest regional infrastructure project that will duplicate 155 kilometres to four-lane divided road. D Form Civil were awarded the contract by client Quickway, to complete FRP works for 2 bridges along with Pre-Cast girder works for the Pacific Highway upgrade in NSW. This major road upgrade is a crucial contributor for the country’s economic activity by providing safe ease of access from Sydney to Brisbane. A project D Form are very proud to be a part of.
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Mt Hotham Dam

Mt Hotham Shire awarded D Form Civil the FRP package to construct the inlet structure as part of the broader project.

The inlet is a reinforced concrete structure comprising an instream headwall approximately 20m wide and 5 meters high with grill and tapered walls to direct flows and accelerate water into the Swindler’s Valley Pipeline. The headwall’s draw point was fitted with a 18mm screen filter over the gravity feed pipeline.

The logistics involved to complete these works were carefully planned and coordinated with the client and the community due to the location and accessibility of the work site.

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Monash University

As part of the major accommodation upgrade for Monash University, Clayton campus, D Form Civil where awarded the contract to deliver the in-situ curved feature walls located within the external recreation zone of the student accommodation.

Some of the main challenges faced on the ground where delivering the complex designs with a distinct look and identity. To obtain the high standard concrete finish desired, this required high-level strategic planning of materials and resources.  The sequencing of production of prefabrication moulds before commencing works was instrumental in achieving the tight timeframe for this scope of work.

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